Legends of Mitra Ambassador Program

2 min readSep 20, 2021


Gem Studios is a blockchain gaming company that believes in building fun and educating games to contribute to mass blockchain adoption. We are the creators of the Legends of Mitra game , Dragon Fly and the famous Angry Warlord.

The Ambassador program provides an opportunity for an individual to act as a liaison between LoM and his/her local community and be rewarded.

An Opportunity for Anyone Who

  • Wishes to expand their network in the blockchain community.
  • Wants to gain exposure and recognition in the blockchain space.
  • Is passionate about blockchain and blockchain gaming
  • Is motivated and willing to help build, support and educate others about blockchain for the common good.

Incentives for Ambassadors

  • Ambassadors will have the opportunity to join Gem Studios internal meetings. This gives Ambassadors a unique opportunity to contribute to games we build and stay in the loop on current milestones along with new developments.
  • Ambassadors will receive ongoing training and support from Gem Studios. This will equip them to present and talk about blockchain gaming technology, at their own meetups.
  • Ambassadors content and events will have the name and backing of Gem Studios, this will allow ambassadors to gain recognition and exposure in the blockchain gaming space.
  • Ambassadors will be compensated with bounties for the top performers and leaders.
  • Ambassadors will receive free swag to better represent Gem Studios within their communities.
  • Ambassador tags in our various social communities

Ambassadors Requirements

  • Learn about LoM game in detail, possibly contribute, play and earn.
  • Represent Gem Studios in different exhibitions in your locality.
  • Host LoM events/workshop in your locality
  • Promote and grow LoM game on your social media networks.
  • Assist and help new and existing users in Telegram, Discord and all our social channels.
  • Is motivated and driven to lead and grow all Gem Studios games and community.
  • Can manage and coordinate requests and activities between the Gem Studios team and the LoM community.
  • Is well-organized and can communicate effectively
  • Is self-sufficient and can handle multiple ongoing tasks

How to join

  • Fill our ambassador program form.
  • If we like what we see in the application, you will be invited for a quick call for assessment and after, on how to get started.